About Ipikachan

Ipikachan is a mascot known for her silly faces and different weird poses. A edited version of the V2_Hatsune Miku in the program MMD, she was the first Angelloid to hit her own Youtube page. Her black and yellow outfit is bright and colorful just like her own personality. She also hosts all the Angelloids videos on the youtube page in which she is the mascot of.

Through out time Ipikachan has had been taken to the other styles that Hatsune Miku was from. Like the PD
verison (Project Diva) of Hatsune Miku. Ipikachan also took this look up and the creator of her and Angelloids decided that Ipikachan looked her best just being the plan old V2_Hatsune Miku Edit colored over. She now stays this style and possibly will only stay this way tell she gets a new outfit or different style.


For now her only other forms are this V2_Hatsune Miku version *Default model in the MMD Program (MikuMikuDance) and the Lat version that was edited from the normal style,School uniform Lat Hatsune Miku.