About Kagome Ti== Name: Kagome Ti
Dec: expections for everything around. She now lives in a small town with her twin brother Kugome,her older sister Kina and her beloving boyfriend Media. She will never forget all the great memories of 20 mins she had with her parents after her birth. You'd sadly not be able to tell by talking to you or looking at her that she had such a grim childhood of death and saddness.

The design of Kagome actually came from the looking over of Len (Vocaloid) and Rin (Vocaloid). The outfit design of kagome was changed many times over the past few months in which it took for her finally design to took place. Over time she was taken apart from her arm warmers down to her skirt/shorts, but finally in late 2011 her finally design was picked. In this time her choice of color was originally going to be lime green and black tell a person from a certain website said "Why not black and yellow?".
From: Angelloids

Race: Android
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Hair: Black
Eyes: Bright blue
Status: Avalible
Model Requested By: N/A

Pictures Of Kagome

Many photos here are ether from MMD (MikuMikuDace),Gaiaonline,Cosplay from the owner and many many more.

Another design of Kagome is her cybernet verison, her skirt taken down and her eyes covered by a visor this design is not really up for cosplay but more of for the future. Instead of her leg warmers the were taken down for boots and very long socks.

Videos of Kagome

My Sailor Souts

My Sailor Souts

One of the first videos of Kagome (Sailor scout style), the video shows what her colors may include in the future but the creator of Kagome made it due to her love of Sailor Moon.

MMD Hoshi Dance

MMD Hoshi Dance

One of the first designs of Kagome, in this video I made a song called "Hoshi", the song was lost but the video stayed up on Ipikachan's youtube page for everyone to see. This design of Kagome is no longer but her final design does still has the yellow bow (on her shirt),The black hair and blue eyes and the black and yellow arm and leg warmers.

MMD newMeme If your watching this.

MMD newMeme If your watching this..

A video with one of the other designs of kagome, a messed up voice video of her saying "If you're watching this you're an idiot". The design in this video is also on her final design besides the black tie.

Cosplay CardGame

Cosplay CardGame

The owner of Angelloids cosplaying as the almost final design of kagome, she insists someone to play a card game with her in her own comments. :) The bow in this video also stands out in Kagome's final Design.