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“ We will never give up even if the world seems down. ”
My MMD Models, Updated

My MMD Models, Updated


Angelloids introduction
Angello by Angello

Angelloids are voice synthesizing characters, they have been roaming the net since 2009 and began from one of the simplest ideas of creating a group of character based on ideas and pictures. From the start this was never a easy task for the programmer behind the characters, but from that beginning to what we have now Angelloids has grown into a crowed webpage who has spawned new characters, Pictures, creations and even videos.

There are many different Angelloids, such as Angello, Ti Kagome and Ireland Dylan who sing in videos. Or Angelloids like PocketMouse, Numcake and Andrew who sing in Pictures.

This wikia is dedicated to the Viewing of information on the Angelloids characters and sharing the passion of their Styles and colors. We like to try and appeal to all Angelloids fans, both old and new, we do not discriminate against a Angelloid because of language nor design or even because of its colors. We acknowledge that not everyone will share the same tastes as each other and that their reasons for liking Angelloid is varied. Please help us maintain our drive to bring more exciting color to their fans and help expand our ways on Angelloidss. All are welcomed to view, all we ask is you refrain from non-productive edits or acts of vandalism and that you be nice to other fans so this wikia can maintain a safe friendly fanizum environment for all.


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Tracking new Angelloids information
  • Angelloids - Information on current characters
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Tracking Illustrators
  • Vocaloids illustrators, See page for art
Producer Pages
  • Producer pages, See Angelloids Page

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